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The Crystal Squadron is a unique group of pilots that take off on cross country trips every weekend of the spring and summer. They have collected an unusually high number of "Diamond" flights over the years. A Diamond Distance flight is one that covers at least 310.7 miles cross country.  Here are a few pictures I've taken on various trips.  Review the season stats HERE and count the diamonds!

For a related site about the Crystal Squadron, take a look at the one  Andy Holoubek, FAA Certified Flight Instructor has put together.   His writing has been featured in SOARING magazine including "Returning," featured in the July issue. Three of his original articles are included.

July 13, 1997
This flight started at Crystalaire Airport in Llano California and ended at Colorado City, Arizona near the Utah border.
May 25, 1997
This trip took us to the land of the Saguaros - Salome, Arizona.
May 30, 1998
Bishop California was the landing spot for three Crystal Squadron pilots on this difficult day. One pilot, Hank Marlowe made diamond distance to Gabbs, NV.
July 25, 1998
Truckee California was the beautiful end to this flight. Near Lake Tahoe, Soar Truckee offers great views and a friendly staff.
Assorted Pics
Views from the cockpit and other assorted pics.

Below is a map showing a few of the typical routes flown by the Crystal pilots from Southern Califoria.

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