Welcome!   This site contains many pictures of sailplanes, military aircraft and related subjects.  Many of the photographs are of or by Norm Page, an avid soaring pilot I met in 1995 at Crystalaire Airport in Llano, CA.  Check out the Favorites page for some good aviation related sights. 

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Three Crystal Squadron pilots are in the news!
Norm Page wins the Combs Trophy for the third year in a row. More on the Henry Combs Trophy!
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Soaring Society of America
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Paul McDonald makes February 1999 look good!

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Home of the Crystal Squadron - Great Western Soaring in Llano, California.
Photo Album and Crystal Squadron
Here are some pictures I've taken while crewing for Norm. Also included are some nice shots that Norm took in the air.  Now I've included a week by week progress chart for the amazing Crystal Squadron Pilots.  See how many diamond flights they logged this year.
Links that have nice quality photos of aviation and related subjects.   My two favorites are Air and Space Magazine and NASA Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility.
The Antelope Valley has been the home of many aviation firsts in the United States.  This page gives a brief overview of some of the companies located there.  There are links to B-2 and Blackbird pics.
Edwards Air Force Base is about 40 miles northeast of the Antelope Valley in Southern California.  They hold an annual Open House which is the subject of this page.  Of special significance was the very first public viewing of the F-22. Pictures and info from the '97 50th anniversary of the breaking of the sound barrier. 
Blackbird Airpark
On a corner of Plant 42 in Palmdale California sit two very fine birds. The A-12 and SR-71 Blackbird.  The facility is run by the Flight Test Historical Foundation.   A short description of the facility, photos and a listing of the current whereabouts of all blackbirds produced.
Combs Trophy
Combs Trophy - This perpetual trophy is given annually to the pilot that flies the most Diamond flights in a glider.

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